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  • Bullwhip, 10 ft., Natural Tan


    Our own production bullwhip, used in the Indiana Jones movies, is a moderately heavy whip with the weight carried out well into the thong. The butt foundation is about 8 inches long. The whip is well…

  • Kangaroo Leather Roper Glove


    This glove is in the roper pattern, elastic back with palm patch. It is made of a thin kangaroo leather, supple and long wearing. Made in USA. Kangaroo leather performs well in the roper glove. The…

  • Elkskin Motorcycle Glove


    These medium-to-heavy weight (4 to 4-1/2 oz. leather) elkskin gloves have found favor among motorcyclists, as well as among those needing a somewhat heavier glove for work. Snap back closure. Made in…

  • Western Fringed Gauntlet


    These are the classic fringed deerskin gauntlets of the West, an enduring favorite since the days when they were obtained by trading with the Indians. The four inch cuff bridges the gap between glove…

  • Heavy Duty Work Glove


    These heavy weight elkskin gloves are for use when maximum protection is required. These gloves will not win a beauty prize, but are hard to beat for comfort and protection under demanding conditions.…

  • Kangaroo Skin, Natural, Heavy


    These kangaroo skins are a high strength bark tannage, drum stuffed (greased). The heavy weight kangaroo skin is suitable for bull whips, coarse belts, falconry jesses and leads. The thickness is…

  • Kangaroo Leather Driving Glove


    These kangaroo slip-on gloves are suggested as your finest driving gloves. They are made from a thin lightweight kangaroo glove leather, tanned by Packer Leather in Australia, and available as a very…

  • Bison Wallet with RFID Protection


    The Rogue Wallet, made in New England with Yankee craftsmanship, is the ultimate protection against theft -- both physical and digital. The wallet is curved so that it easily slides into your front…

  • Deerskin Driving Glove


    These slip-on gloves provide comfortable protection while still retaining sense of touch. They are made from a select grade of lightweight deerskin (1-3/4 to 2-1/4 oz. leather), and are suggested as…

  • Kangaroo Skin, Black, Medium


    These kangaroo skins are a high strength bark tannage, drum stuffed. The black skins are tannery dyed, and are black through the skin. The medium weight kangaroo skin is suitable for belts, stock…

  • Lace Cutter


    Designed for our own leather workshop, this lace cutter has been an essential tool for many years. The beechwood handle is easy to grip. It holds an injector blade that adjusts the lace width from…

  • Four-Plait Stock Whip


    This whip has a 5' thong on a 2' handle. It is durable and holds up well as a general purpose yard whip, or as a pair may be used to develop a multiple cracking routine. The thong is well shaped, and…

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